List of Private Limited Company obtained consent from the Commission to raise paid up capital more than 10.00 crore.

SL. Company ParticularsDateAmount (BTD)
1Norp Knit Industries LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 96562400/-29 June,201496562400
2Doreen Power House and Technologies LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 37500000/-29 June,201437500000
3Olympic Accessories LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 86,92,00,000/-26 June,2014869200000
4Salek Textile LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 82608700/-24 June,201482608700
5Akashi Agro Industries LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 23645000/-23 June,201423645000
6Blue Ocean Footwear LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 39,90,00,000/-16 June,2014399000000
7Sikder Equity Management LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 250000000/-16 June,2014250000000
8Ak Khan Panfabric Company LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 223367800/-10 June,2014223367800
9Commerce Bank Securities and Investment LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 450000000/-10 June,2014450000000
10BDBL Investment Services LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 200000000/-09 June,2014200000000
11Ragadi Textile LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 28478600/-08 June,201428478600
12Kallol Thai President Foods (BD) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 130000000/-04 June,2014130000000
13IDLC Investment LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 1000000000/-04 June,20141000000000
14AB Securities LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 165000000/-03 June,2014165000000
15IL Bangla LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 258037530/-29 May,2014258037530
16Citizen Securities and Investment LimitedBonus shares of Tk. 110000000/-26 May,2014110000000
17Majumder Products LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 673986400/-22 May,2014673986400
18Project Ehshan Paper Products (Pvt.) LimitedDebentures of Tk.60000000/-08 May,201460000000
19Silver Composite Textile Mills LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.150000000/-07 May,2014150000000
20Navana Engineering LimitedRedeemable Debentures of Tk.300000000/-06 May,2014300000000
21Denitex LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 50000000/-06 May,201450000000
22American & Efird (Bangladesh) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.16,97,30,000/-30 April,2014169730000
23Hamza Textiles LimitedRight Shares of Tk.9,00,00,000/-30 April,201490000000
24Lakdhanavi Bangla Power LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.119,12,50,000/-29 April,20141191250000
25TUV Rheinland (Pvt.) Bangladesh LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.167315500/-29 April,2014167315500
26Alokito Media LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.10,00,00,000/-29 April,2014100000000
27R. S. Agro & Fertilizer Chemical Industries LimitedDebentures of Tk.3,00,00,000/-21 April,201430000000
28Mona Financial Consultancy and Secutrities LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.7,00,00,000/-20 April,201470000000
29Asian Tigers Capital Partners LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.150000000/-07 April,2014150000000
30Quality Paper Mills LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.45076600/-02 April,201445076600
31Green Textiles LtdOrdinary shares of Tk 1,51,41,200/-31 March,201415141200
32Tetley ACI (Bangladesh) LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.3,000,0000/-23 March,201430000000
33VIP Industries LtdOrdinary shares of Tk 12,92,26,510/-23 March,2014129226510
34Simtex Industries LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.3,75,000,00/-02 March,201437500000
35X- Ceramics LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.29,60,70,000/-27 February,2014296070000
36Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.16,00,00,000/-27 February,2014160000000
37BD Thai Food & Beverage LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.29,10,00,000/-25 February,2014291000000
38Mundiphama (Bangladesh) Private LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.4,99,07,270/-25 February,201449907270
39Quality Paper Mills LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.45,076,600/-24 February,201445076600
40Phoenix Securities LtdRight Shares of Tk.9,01,84,700/-20 February,201490184700
41ACI Salt LtdRight shares of Tk.10,000,0000/-17 February,2014100000000
42Baraka Potenga Power LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.94,40,000,00/-17 February,2014944000000
43Apex Lingerie LtdBonus shares of Tk.19,99,16,000/-13 February,2014199916000
44KDS Logistics LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.30,000,0000/-09 February,2014300000000
45S.Alam Power Generation LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.1,16,44,100/-04 February,201411644100
46Bank Asia Capital Ltd(Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.50,000,0000/-03 February,2014500000000
47Farmnest & Milk Products LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.11,12,44,000/-29 January,2014111244000
48ACI Logistics LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.1,21,60,000/-29 January,201412160000
49Apex Yarn Dyeing LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.9,33,70,000/-28 January,201493370000
50Salvo Alkali Chemical Industry LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.1,60,15,000/-20 January,201416015000
51Kormop Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.10,19,05,200/-12 January,2014101905200
52KOTITI Bangladesh LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.8,42,59,900/-12 January,201484259900
53Colossus Apparel LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.30,50,87,820/-09 January,2014305087820
54Zueling Pharma Bangladesh LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.2,89,28,300/-06 January,201428928300
55Tupperwear Bangladesg Private LtdRight shares of Tk.6,65,72,500/-06 January,201466572500
56Alpha Capital Management LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.55,00,000/-02 January,20145500000
57Lanka Bangla Investment LimitedRight shares of Tk. 70,000,0000/-01 January,2014700000000
58International Beverage Private LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.81,13,80,000/-01 January,2014811380000
59Summit Communications LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.26,00,00,000/-31 December,2013260000000
60C & A Textiles LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.120,03,00,000/-30 December,20131200300000
61Bay Fishing Corporation LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.4,23,50,000/-30 December,201342350000
62Bergen Engines Bangladesh Private LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.10,78,35,000/-26 December,2013107835000
63Square Consumer Products LimitedBonus shares of Tk.9,37,50,000/-19 December,201393750000
64Ananta Properties LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.294,46,22,200/-19 December,20132944622200
65Prime Finance Capital Management LtdBonus shares of Tk.16,00,00,000/-17 December,2013160000000
66Rangs LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.100,00,00,000/-12 December,20131000000000
67Phoenix Securities LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.12,24,84,500/-11 December,2013122484500
68ACI Godrej Agrovet Private LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.2,00,00,000/-10 December,201320000000
69Summit Communications LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.1,80,00000/-09 December,201318000000
70Lanka Bangla Investment LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.31,00,00,000/-03 December,2013310000000
71NBL Capital and Equity Management LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.15,00,00,000/-19 November,2013150000000
72Compugates International (BD) LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.7,92,000,00/-17 November,201379200000
73IFCO Garments & Textiles LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.29,37,13,700/-17 November,2013293713700
74Doreen Power Generations and Systems LtdNon-convertible Ijara Bond of Tk.80,00,00,000/-12 November,2013800000000
75Cutting Edge Industries LimitedBonus shares of Tk.5,02,05,100/-10 November,201350205100
76Genesis Fashions LtdBonus shares of Tk.5,15,000,00/-31 October,201351500000
77Veritas Pharmaceuticals LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.9,00,00,000/-27 October,201390000000
78Genesis Washing LtdBonus shares of Tk.8,00,00,000/-27 October,201380000000
79Galco Steel (Bangladesh) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.8,00,00,000/-24 October,201380000000
80Columbia Apparels LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.5,00,00,000/-23 October,201350000000
81Columbia Garments LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.5,15,00000/-23 October,201351500000
82RR Imperial Electricals LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.5,09,06,000/-23 October,201350906000
83ABB LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.13,50,00,000/-23 October,2013135000000
84Ifad Autos LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.31,25,00,000/-22 October,2013312500000
85Riverstone Limited (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.25,00,00,000/-22 October,2013250000000
86Marina Park & Resorts LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.26,01,00,000/-09 October,2013260100000
87S. Alam Power Generation LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.38,14,28,600/-09 October,2013381428600
88City Bank Capital Resources LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.25,00,00,000/-07 October,2013250000000
89Computer Source LimitedBonus shares of Tk. 10,000,0000/-06 October,2013100000000
90Asian Consumer Care(Pvt) LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.25,33,65,130/-06 October,2013253365130
91Ajinomoto Bangladesh LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.41,00,00,000/-29 September,2013410000000
92Bank Asia Securities LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.155,00,00,000/-29 September,20131550000000
93Dhaka Bank Investment LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.25,00,00,000/-29 September,2013250000000
94Chartered Life Insurance LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-29 September,2013180000000
95Guardian Life Insurance LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-17 September,2013180000000
96Bengal Poly & Paper Sack LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.8,00,00,000/-17 September,201380000000
97Sugar Food & Feeds Bangladesh LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.9,85,05,400/-12 September,201398505400
98Hotal Sea Palace LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.17,00,00,000/-12 September,2013170000000
99Runner Automobiles LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.13,47,82,610/-12 September,2013134782610
100Asian Consumer Care(Pvt) LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.25,33,65,130/-10 September,2013253365130
101Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited (CRAB)Bonus shares of Tk.14,70,4,440/-10 September,201314704440
102OP-Seed Co.(BD) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.20,00,00,000/-10 September,2013200000000
103T & S Button (Bangladesh) LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.207,795,600/-10 September,2013207795600
104Super Protective Shoes (Pvt) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.16,65,68,900/-01 September,2013166568900
105Euro Pharma LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.5,40,00,000/-27 August,201354000000
106Young Optics (BD) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.6,00,00,000/-27 August,201360000000
107Madina Cement Industries LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.30,00,00,000/-27 August,2013300000000
108ACI Salt LimitedBonus shares of Tk.10,00,00,000/-21 August,2013100000000
109Royal Capital LimitedBonus shares of Tk.3,00,00,000/-21 August,201330000000
110FAS Capital Management LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.15,00,00,000/-21 August,2013150000000
111Golden harvest Ice Cream LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.25,00,00,000/-19 August,2013250000000
112Bangladesh Venture Capital Limited (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.15,00,00,000/-04 August,2013150000000
113GMF Securities LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.10,3,000,00/-01 August,201310300000
114Tosrifa Industries LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.2,00,00,000/-01 August,201320000000
115First Securities Services LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.10,00,00,000/-01 August,2013100000000
116IL Capital LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.15,00,00,000/-01 August,2013150000000
117Green Delta Capital LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.15,00,00,000/-01 August,2013150000000
118Karim Spinning Mills LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.25,00,00,000/-24 July,2013250000000
119Grameen Danone Foods LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.27,50,00,000/-24 July,2013275000000
120EBL Securities LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.10,00,00,000/-21 July,2013100000000
121Sun Power Ceramics Co. LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.47,99,00,000/-16 July,2013479900000
122Badar Spinning Mills LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.31,35,000,00/-16 July,2013313500000
123Hwa Well Textiles (BD) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.1,00,00,000/-16 July,201310000000
124Keya Knit Composite Limited Ordinary shares of Tk.173,82,59,900/-15 July,20131738259900
125Citizen Securities and Investment LimitedBonus shares of Tk.2,50,000,00/-14 July,201325000000
126Bangladesh Honda Private LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.54,90,00,000/-08 July,2013549000000
127Salvo Alkali Chemical Industry LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.3,52,20,000/-07 July,201335220000
128Hamid Weaving Mills LimitedBonus shares of Tk. 19,17,38,250/-04 July,2013191738250