Mutual Fund
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SL. Name of the Company Consent DateSub.Open DateSub.Close DateNRB.Close DateAmount (Tk.Crore)Document
1Capitec Grameen Bank Growth FundAug 17,2023Sep 24,2023Oct 01,2023Oct 01,2023200.00 Crore
2ICB AMCL CMSF Golden Jubilee Mutual FundJul 07,2022Aug 17,2022Aug 24,2022Aug 24,2022100.00 Crore
3SEML FBLSL Growth FundNov 08,2018Dec 02,2018Dec 13,2018Dec 13,2018100 Crore
4CAPM IBBL Islamic Mutual FundNov 09,2017Dec 10,2017Dec 18,2017Dec 18,201780.00 crore
5ICB AMCL First Agrani Bank Mutual Fund.Jul 02,2017Aug 01,2017Aug 10,2017Aug 10,2017100.00 crore
6 SEML IBBL Shariah Fund.Nov 13,2016Dec 11,2016Dec 21,2016Dec 21,2016100.00 Crore
7Vanguard AML BD Finance Mutual Fund oneOct 08,2015Nov 08,2015Nov 17,2015Nov 17,2015104.32
8SEML Lecture Equity Management FundOct 07,2015Nov 08,2015Nov 16,2015Nov 16,201550.00 Crore
9Asian Tiger Sandhani Life Growth FundDec 11,2014Jan 11,2015Jan 15,2015Jan 24,201560.59
10ICB AMCL Sonali Bank Ltd. Mutual FundMar 19,2013Apr 21,2013Apr 25,2013May 04,2013100.00
11EXIM Bank 1st Mutual Fund)Mar 19,2013Apr 28,2013May 05,2013May 14,2013100.00
12NCCBL Mutual Fund - OneFeb 12,2012Mar 25,2012Apr 01,2012Apr 10,2012100.00
13NLI First Mutual FundOct 20,2011Dec 11,2011Dec 15,2011Dec 24,201145.76
14First Bangladesh Fixed Income FundSep 12,2011Oct 16,2011Dec 29,2011Jan 07,2012500.00
15AB Bank 1st Mutual FundAug 25,2011Sep 25,2011Sep 29,2011Oct 08,2011150.00
16LR GLOBAL Bangladesh Mutual Fund OneJun 23,2011Jul 24,2011Jul 28,2011Aug 06,2011300.00
17Reliance One - the first scheme of Reliance Insurance Mutual Fund Apr 13,2011May 15,2011May 22,2011May 31,201155.00
18EBL NRB Mutual FundFeb 13,2011Mar 13,2011Mar 20,2011Mar 29,2011150.00
19Southeast bank 1st Mutual FundFeb 06,2011Mar 06,2011Mar 10,2011Mar 19,201190.71
20AIBL 1st Islamic Mutual FundNov 18,2010Nov 21,2010Nov 25,2010Dec 04,2010100.00
21MBL 1st Mutual FundNov 03,2010Dec 12,2010Dec 19,2010Dec 28,2010100.00
22PHP First Mutual FundSep 06,2010Oct 03,2010Oct 07,2010Oct 16,2010200.00
23IFIL Islamic Mutual Fund -1Aug 11,2010Sep 26,2010Sep 30,2010Oct 09,2010100.00
24Green Delta Mutual FundJul 14,2010Aug 10,2010Aug 17,2010Aug 26,2010150.00
25Popular Life First Mutual FundJul 11,2010Aug 22,2010Aug 26,2010Sep 04,2010200.00
26First Janata Bank Mutual FundApr 05,2010Aug 01,2010Aug 05,2010Aug 14,2010200.00
27ICB AMCL 3rd NRB Mutual FundFeb 17,2010Mar 28,2010Apr 01,2010Apr 10,2010100.00
28Phoenix Finance 1st Mutual FundFeb 08,2010Mar 03,2010Mar 09,2010Mar 17,201060.00
29IFIC Bank 1st Mutual FundJan 07,2010Feb 07,2010Feb 11,2010Feb 20,2010120.00
30Trust Bank 1st Mutual FundNov 09,2009Dec 06,2009Dec 10,2009Dec 19,2009200.00
31DBH First Mutual FundNov 03,2009Dec 13,2009Dec 20,2009Dec 29,2009120.00
32Prime Bank 1st ICB AMCL Mutual FundNov 02,2009Dec 06,2009Dec 10,2009Dec 19,2009100.00
33ICB Employees Provident Mutual Fund: Scheme-1Oct 26,2009Nov 22,2009Nov 26,2009Dec 05,200975.00
34ICB AMCL Second Mutual FundJul 09,2009Aug 09,2009Aug 16,2009Aug 25,200950.00
35EBL First Mutual FundMay 24,2009Jun 21,2009Jun 25,2009Jul 04,2009100.00
36Prime Finance 1st Mutual FundDec 02,2008Jan 07,2009Jan 11,2009Jan 20,200920.00
Open Fund
SL. Name of the Company Consent Date Sub.Open Date Sub.Close Date Initial Target (Tk.Crore) Document
1ACACIA SRIM Balanced Unit FundFeb 29,2024Mar 11,2024Apr 25,202450.00 Crore
23i AMCL 1st Mutual FundJan 11,2024Jan 21,2024Mar 06,202425.00 Crore
3ICL INCTL Shariah FundAug 17,2023Aug 21,2023Oct 04,202325.00 Crore
4CWT- Community Bank Shariah FundJun 20,2023Jun 21,2023Aug 04,202325.00 Crore
5Investasia Balanced Unit FundJun 08,2023Jul 03,2023Aug 16,202350.00 Crore
6Green Delta Dragon Enhanced Blue Chip Growth FundJun 01,2023Jun 11,2023Jul 25,202350.00 Crore
7UCB Income Plus FundApr 11,2023May 08,2023Jun 21,202350.00 Crore
8BMSL National Housing Growth FundApr 10,2023May 08,2023Jun 21,202325.00 Crore
9PLI AML 1st Unit FundMar 01,2023Mar 19,2023May 02,202350.00 Crore
10SEML PBSL Fixed Income FundJan 22,2023Feb 01,2023Mar 17,2023100.00 Crore
11Ekush Stable Return FundJan 08,2023Jan 15,2023Feb 28,202325.00 Crore
12Grameen Bank - AIMS First Unit FundJan 05,2023Jan 22,2023Mar 07,2023157.50 Crore
13VIPB NLI 1st Unit Fund (Converted to open-end)Jul 27,2022----80.00 Crore
14EDGE Al-Amin Shariah Consumer FundJul 05,2022Jul 18,2022Aug 31,202225.00 Crore
15Blue-Wealth 1st Balanced FundJun 19,2022Jul 17,2022Aug 30,202225.00 Crore
16Sandhani AML SLIC Fixed Income FundJun 12,2022Jul 17,2022Aug 30,202250.00 Crore
17Investasia Growth FundMay 16,2022May 22,2022Jul 05,202225.00 Crore
18Mercantile Bank Unit FundMar 14,2022Mar 22,2022May 05,202250.00 Crore
19SAML Growth FundFeb 08,2022Feb 28,2022Apr 13,202225.00 Crore
20UCB TAQWA GROWTH FUNDJan 27,2022Feb 13,2022Mar 29,202235.00 Crore
21EDGE High Quality Income FundDec 22,2021Dec 28,2021Feb 10,202225.00 Crore
22Ekush Growth FundDec 09,2021Dec 19,2021Feb 02,202225.00 Crore
23VIPB SEBL 1st Unit Fund (Converted to open-end)Nov 24,2021----150.00 Crore
24RACE Financial Inclusion Unit FundNov 23,2021Nov 30,2021Jan 13,202225.00 Crore
25HFAML Shariah Unit FundNov 23,2021Jan 09,2022Feb 23,202225.00 Crore
26GM Equity 1st Mutual FundSep 08,2021Sep 21,2021Nov 05,202110.00 Crore
27Shanta Fixed Income FundJun 30,2021Jul 11,2021Aug 25,202110.00 Crore
28IDLC Income Fund_Jun 14,2021Jun 15,2021Jul 30,202110.00 Crore
29RBIMCO BGFI FundMay 02,2021Jul 05,2021Aug 19,202110.00 Crore
30Joytun 1st Unit FundApr 22,2021May 25,2021Jul 08,202110.00 Crore
31LB Gratuity Wealth Builder FundApr 08,2021Jun 01,2021Jul 16,202110.00 Crore
32CWT Opportunities FundApr 01,2021May 05,2021Jun 18,202110.00 Crore
33ICB AMCL Shotoborsho Unit FundJan 27,2021Feb 10,2021Mar 27,202120.00 Crore
34UCB AML First Mutual FundDec 13,2020Jan 10,2021Feb 23,202120.00 Crore
35CandleStone Rupali Bank Growth FundNov 18,2020Jan 31,2021Mar 17,2021100.00 Crore
36SAML Income Unit FundOct 12,2020Nov 25,2020Jan 09,202110.00 Crore
37VIPB Balanced FundJul 26,2020Nov 10,2020Dec 25,202010.00 Crore
38RACE Special Opportunities Unit FundJun 29,2020Jul 06,2020Aug 19,202035.00 Crore
39CWT- Sadharan Bima Growth FundJun 17,2020Jun 21,2020Aug 05,202010.00 Crore
40CAPITEC-IBBL Shariah Unit FundMay 31,2020Jul 01,2020Aug 15,202025.00 Crore
41LB Gratuity Opportunities FundFeb 24,2020Oct 22,2020Dec 06,202020.00 Crore
42EBL AML 1ST UNIT FUNDFeb 16,2020Mar 15,2020Aug 13,202030.00 Crore
43Ekush First Unit FundJan 29,2020Feb 20,2020Mar 17,202010.00 Crore
44EDGE AMC Growth FundJul 28,2019Aug 04,2019Sep 18,201910.00 Crore
45IDLC Asset Management Shariah Fund Jul 28,2019Aug 25,2019Oct 09,201950.00 Crore
46Capitec Popular Life Unit FundJul 22,2019Aug 19,2019Oct 03,201925.00 Crore
47Esquire ICL apprel fundJul 01,2019Jul 07,2019Aug 20,201925.00 Crore
48CWT Emerging Bangladesh First Growth FundJun 18,2019Jun 25,2019Aug 08,201910.00 Crore
49Constellation Unit FundMay 29,2019Jun 19,2019Aug 03,201920.00 Crore
50Peninsula Balanced FundMay 21,2019Jun 20,2019Aug 04,201920.00 Crore
51Capitec Popular Life P.F. Unit FundJan 14,2019Feb 03,2019Mar 20,201910.00 Crore
52ICB AMCL Second NRB Unit FundNov 13,2018Nov 25,2018Jan 09,201911.50 Crore
53AAML Unit Fund Nov 01,2018Jan 06,2019Feb 20,201910.00 Crore
54Shanta Amanah Shariah FundOct 22,2018Nov 04,2018Dec 19,201830.00 Crore
55Vanguard AML Grouth FundOct 15,2018Oct 28,2018Dec 11,201810.00 Crore
56HFAML-ACME Employees' Unit FundOct 02,2018Oct 07,2018Nov 21,201820.00 Crore
57CAPITEC Padma P.F. Shariah Unit FundJul 31,2018Aug 08,2018Sep 22,201810.00 Crore
58EDGE Bangladesh Mutual FundJul 23,2018Jul 25,2018Sep 08,201810.00 Crore
59BCB ICL Growth FundMar 25,2018Apr 01,2018May 15,201825.00 Crore
60UFS-IBBL Shariah Unit FundMar 09,2018Mar 15,2018Apr 29,2018200.00 Crore
61UFS-Bank Asia Unit FundFeb 26,2018Mar 20,2018May 04,2018100.00 Crore
62IDLC Growth FundFeb 22,2018Feb 27,2018Apr 13,201850 Crore
63VIPB Growth FundFeb 20,2018Mar 11,2018Apr 24,201820 Crore
64Shanta First Income Unit FundJan 31,2018Feb 14,2018Mar 31,201820.00 Crore
65Credence First Shariah Unit FundJan 25,2018Feb 04,2018Mar 21,201810.00Crore
66LankaBangla Al-Arafah Shariah Unit FundDec 04,2017Jan 28,2018Mar 14,201850.00 Crore
67HFAML Unit FundNov 12,2017Nov 20,2017Jan 18,201850.00 crore
68Zenith Annual Income FundOct 11,2017Nov 15,2017Dec 29,201710.00 crore
69Peninsula Sadharan Bima Corporation Unit Fund OneJul 02,2017Jul 13,2017Aug 27,201720.00 crore
70IDLC Balanced FundMay 16,2017May 30,2017Jul 14,201740
71Credence first Growth FundApr 05,2017Apr 16,2017May 30,201720.00 crore
72Eighth ICB Unit FundJan 17,2017Feb 05,2017Mar 22,201740
73Prime Finance Second Mutual FundDec 07,2016Feb 05,2017Mar 22,201750
74 UFS-Pragati Life Unit Fund.Nov 01,2016Nov 13,2016Dec 28,201610
75Seventh ICB Unit FundSep 22,2016Oct 10,2016Nov 24,201647
76 ATC Shariah Unit Fund.Aug 10,2016Aug 17,2016Oct 01,201610
77 ICL Balanced Fund.Aug 07,2016Aug 14,2016Aug 24,201610
78 LankaBangla 1st Balanced Unit Fund.Jul 18,2016Aug 21,2016Oct 05,201625
79UFS-Padma Life Islamic Unit Fund.Jun 22,2016Jul 10,2016--50
80Sixth ICB Unit FundJun 16,2016Jul 10,2016Oct 07,201630
81Fifth ICB Unit FundApr 27,2016May 15,2016--46
82Fourth ICB Unit FundApr 27,2016May 15,2016--31.5
83Third ICB Unit FundApr 27,2016May 15,2016--44
84VIPB Accelerated Income Unit FundMar 16,2016Apr 03,2016May 18,201620
85Second ICB Unit FundMar 04,2016Apr 17,2016--20
86First ICB Unit FundFeb 03,2016Mar 08,2016--142
87Peninsula AMCL BDBL Unit Fund OneDec 28,2015Jan 05,2016Apr 03,201610
88UFS Popular Life Unit FundNov 25,2015Dec 10,2015Aug 01,201680
89ICB AMCL Islamic Unit FundJul 04,2015May 17,2015--20
90Rupali Life Insurance First Mutual FundSep 12,2014Feb 01,2015Mar 17,201550
91ICB AMCL Converted First Unit Fund-Feb 19,2014Feb 23,2014--50
92CAPM Unit FundFeb 03,2014Mar 19,2014May 02,201410
93MTB Unit FundMar 28,2012Apr 15,2012Sep 30,2012100
94Shandhani Life Unit FundSep 28,2011Oct 09,2011Nov 11,201150
95Bangladesh FundSep 22,2011Oct 10,2011--5000
96Prime Financial First Unit fundAug 09,2010Sep 26,2010--20