List of Public Limited Company obtained consent from the Commission to raise paid up capital more than 1.00 crore.

SL. Company ParticularsDateAmount(BTD)
1Quest BDC Limited

Ordinary shares of Tk. 500,000,000/-

17 October,202350.00 Crore
2Oimex Electrode Limited

Ordinary shares of Tk. 60,000,000/-

03 October,20236.00 Crore
3Sonali Bank LimitedRight Shares of Tk. 1995,00,00,000/-30 June,201419950000000
4Aman Spinning Mills LimitedBonus shares of Tk. 10,50,00,000/-26 June,2014105000000
5Keya Yran Mills LimitedBonus shares of Tk. 34,88,00,000/-24 June,2014348800000
6Trust Bank LimitedNon-convertible Subordinated Bond Tk. 200,00,00,000/-24 June,20142000000000
7Aamra Networks LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 12,00,00,000/-22 June,2014120000000
8The Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 1150,00,00,000/-16 June,201411500000000
9Regent Energy and Power LimitedCumulative Redeemable Preference shares of Tk. 48,00,00,000/-15 June,2014480000000
10Hamid Weaving Mills LimitedBonus shares of Tk. 24,68,44,120/-12 June,2014246844120
11Commerce Bank Securities and Investment LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 45,00,00,000/-10 June,2014450000000
12BDBL Investment Services LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 20,00,00,000/-09 June,2014200000000
13Janata Bank LimitedRight Shares of Tk. 814,00,00,000/-03 June,20148140000000
14Bajaj Bangladesh LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.1,71,00,000/-22 May,201417100000
15Alpha Credit Rating LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 50,00,000/-22 May,20145000000
16Global Jute Mills LimitedDebentures of Tk.25,00,00,000/-21 May,2014250000000
17Desh Denim Mills LimitedOrdinary and Bonus shares of Tk. 35,00,00,000/-21 May,2014350000000
18BDBL Securities LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk 10,00,00,000/-14 May,2014100000000
19Project Ehshan Paper Products (Pvt.) LimitedDebentures of Tk.6,00,00,000/-08 May,201460000000
20The City Bank LimitedNon-convertible Coupon Bearing Subordibated Bond of Tk. 300,00,00,000/-06 May,20143000000000
21Agrani Equity and Investment LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.200,00,00,000/-05 May,2014200000000
22NLI Securiites LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.33,00,00,000/-05 May,2014330000000
23Infrastructure Development Company LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.88,00,00,000/-05 May,2014880000000
24Royal Denim LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.25,00,00,000/-05 May,2014250000000
25Delta Hospital LimitedBonus shares of Tk.1,50,00,000/-04 May,201415000000
26Energies Power Corporation LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.43,24,00,000/-30 April,2014432400000
27Kai Bangladesh Aluminium LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.10,00,00,000/-29 April,2014100000000
28Leads Corporation LimitedBonus shares of Tk.14,82,00,000/-24 April,2014148200000
29Bangladesh National Insurance Company LimitedRight shares of Tk.37,00,00,000/-23 April,2014370000000
30RAKUB-SME Financing Company LimitedRight shares of Tk.50,00,00,000/-17 April,2014500000000
31Sena Kalyan Insurance Company LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.24,00,00,000/-17 April,2014240000000
32Diamond Life Insurance LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-15 April,2014180000000
33Fareast Islami Propertise LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.10,00,00,000/-13 April,2014100000000
34Islami Commercial Insurance Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.15,12,000,00/-25 March,2014151200000
35Mercantile Bank LimitedCoupon Bearing Subordinated Bond of Tk.300,00,00,000/-25 March,20143000000000
36Chittagong Stock Exchange LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.638,93,48,400/- under Demutualization Scheme23 March,20146389348400
37Barapukuria Coal Mining Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.315,63,03,400/-18 March,20143156303400
38Sena Kalyan Insurance Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.24,00,00,000/- 13 March,2014240000000
39Global Asset LimitedRedeemable Preference Shares of Tk.30,00,00,000/-12 March,2014300000000
40IG Health Care Ltd (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.5,00,00,000/-20 February,201450000000
41Shasha Denims LimitedBonus shares of Tk.8,01,27,000/-17 February,201480127000
42Regent Textile Mills LtdBonus shares of Tk.10,00,00,000/-16 February,2014100000000
43Bangladesh Match Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.13,50,000,00/-05 February,2014135000000
44Mir Ceremic LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.30,000/-30 January,201430000
45Bangladesh Digital Communications LtdInternational Bond of US $ 300 million30 January,201423400000000
46Trust Islami Life Insurance Ltd (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.18,000,0000/-29 January,2014180000000
47Alpha Islami Life Insurance Ltd (Proposed)Ordinary shares Tk.18,000,0000/-26 January,2014180000000
48Swadesh Life Insurance Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.18,000,0000/-21 January,2014180000000
49Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills LtdConvertible secured coupon bond of Tk.200,000,0000/-09 January,20142000000000
50MP Spinning Mills LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.20,00,00,000/-09 January,2014200000000
51Raj Lanka Power Company LtdRedeemable Cumulative Preference Shares06 January,20142837620000
52The Premier Bank Limited (Public)Non-convertible veriable coupon Rate Bond24 December,20132000000000
53Aamra Networks Ltd (Public)Bonus shares of Tk.20,60,00,000/-19 December,2013206000000
54New Asia Synthetics Limited(Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.40,62,85,000/-19 December,2013406285000
55Mohammaed Elias Brothers Poy Manufacturing Plant Ltd(Public)Bonus shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-18 December,2013180000000
56CEAT Bangladesh Limited (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.150,00,00,000/-15 December,20131500000000
57Evince Textiles Limited (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.94,95,00,000/-03 December,2013949500000
58Suprem Seed Company Limited (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.15,00,00,000/-26 November,2013150000000
59Robi Axiata Ltd (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.2,544,60,50,000/-25 November,201325446050000
60PHP Petro Refinery Ltd (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.9,91,90,000/-17 November,201399190000
61Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd (Public)Ordinary shares (Right) of Tk.198,87,42,800/-06 November,20131988742800
62Hajj Finance Company Ltd (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.47,00,00,000/-27 October,2013470000000
63Chartered Life Insurance Company Ltd (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-23 October,2013180000000
64Prime Finance Asset Management Company Ltd (Public)Bonus shares of Tk.60,00000/-09 October,20136000000
65One Bank Ltd (Public)Subordinated floating Rate Bond of Tk.220,00,00,000/-08 October,20132200000000
66Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Ltd (Public)Ordinary shares of Tk.14,704,440/-06 October,201314704440
67Infrastucture Development Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.52,00,00,000/-29 September,2013520000000
68International Leasing Securities LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.20,00,00,000/-29 September,2013200000000
69Building Tecnology & Ideas LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.64,50,00,000/-22 September,2013645000000
70Summit Uttaranchal Power Company LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.11,32,97,470/-10 September,2013113297470
71Energis Power Corporation LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.55,00,00,000/-04 September,2013550000000
72Orion Infrastucture LimitedCumulative Preference Shares of Tk.400,00,00,000/-01 September,20134000000000
73Mercantile Islami Life Insurance Limited (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-26 August,2013180000000
74NRB Global Life Insurance Co. LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-21 August,2013180000000
75Best Life Insurance Limited (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-19 August,2013180000000
76M.L.Dyeing LimitedBonus shares of Tk.70,20,50,000/-19 August,2013702050000
77Zenith Islami Life Insurance Ltd (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-13 August,2013180000000
78United Power Generation & Distribution Company LimitedReedemable Cumulative Preference Shares of Tk.200,00,00,000/-24 July,20132000000000
79Rupali Bank Securities LtdOrdinary shares of Tk.100,00,00,000/-24 July,20131000000000
80Protective Islami Life Insurance Limited (Proposed)

Ordinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-

16 July,2013180000000
81Dragon Sweater & Spinning LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.31,28,40,000/-15 July,2013312840000
82Sonali Life Insurance Company Limited (Proposed)Ordinary shares of Tk.18,00,00,000/-14 July,2013180000000
83Ashuganj Power Station Company LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk.661,40,00,000/-14 July,20136614000000
84NRB Global Bank LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 425,00,00,000/-07 July,20134250000000
85Modhumoti Bank LimitedOrdinary shares of Tk. 20,00,00,000/-01 July,2013200000000