Capital Issue Department

The functions of the Capital Issue Department are to deal with the following applications:      

  • Initial Public Offer (IPO) and Repeat Public Offer (RPO).
  • Capital rising of Public and Private Limited Company.
  • Issuance of Debt Securities.
  • Rights Issue of listed companies.

The department is headed by Mr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim , Executive Director. 

Officers of the Capital Issue (CI) Department:

Executive Director:
Mr. Mohammad Rezaul Karim Executive Director   
 Mr. Md. Monsur Rahman  Director  
Mr. Mohammed Fakhrul Islam Mazumder  Director  
Joint Director:
Mr. Mollah Md. Miraz-Us-Sunnah Joint Director  
Mr. Mohammad Golam Kibria Joint Director  
Assistant Director:
Mr. Syed Golam Mowla Assistant Director  
Mr. Mohammad Asif Iqbal Assistant Director