Alternative Investment Fund
SL. Name of the Fund Name of the Fund Manager Nature of the Fund Name of the Trustee Fund Corpus (Tk.Crore) Registration Date
1Alternative Investment Fund of BangladeshStrategic Equity Management Ltd Private EquityThe Premier Bank Limited 50022-Nov-2015
2BDVL Venture Fund 1BD Venture LimitedVenture CapitalIPDC Finance Limited 5014-Aug-2019
3LankaBangla 1st PE FundLankaBangla Asset Management CompanyPrivate Equity2529-Sep-2019
4Maslin VC Fund - IMaslin Capital Limited Venture CapitalUnion Capital Limited 1001-Dec-2019
5UFSEPL Venture Capital FundUFS Equity Partners LimitedVenture Capital FundShandhani Life Insurance Company Limited12531-Aug-2021
6UFSEPL Private Equity Fund UFS Equity Partners LimitedPrivate Equity Fund Shandhani Life Insurance Company Limited12529-Sep-2021
7IDLC Venture Capital Fund IIDLC Asset Management LimitedVenture Capital FundGreen Delta Insurance Company Limited4513-Jan-2020
8R Ventures Private Equity FundSBK Tech Ventures LimitedPrivate Equity FundGreen Delta Insurance Company Limited1527-Sep-2022
9X Angel Vision Venture Capital FundX Angel Asset Management LimitedVenture Capital FundSandhani Life Insurance Company Limited100.0012-Mar-2023
10X Angel First Private Equity FundX Angel Asset Management LimitedPrivate Equity FundSandhani Life Insurance Company Limited20012-Mar-2023
11UCB Private Equity Fund-1UCB Asset Management LimitedPrivate Equity FundDBH Finance PLC15001-Jun-2023
12UCB Venture Fund-IUCB Asset Management LimitedVenture Capital FundDBH Finance PLC15001-Jun-2023